Monday, January 5, 2009

(These were my feelings after I realised the enormity of 26/11...when death comes so suddenly you realise the meaning of the philosophy that life is just a mirage.)

Passing through the streets

Looking at people and things

But seeing nothing

Like a numb zombie

Days and nights pass

And you can never see

Whether you are living

Or is it worth dying

You wait for something

You crave just anything

That would make you

Feel again

And it takes death

To realise that you live

Standing as a witness

Unmoving, immobile

As the specter hangs

In the night air

You see how little

Do things really matter

Those trivial fights

Those trivial tears

Fade with the blow

Of the fatal hand

How small and delicate

How inconsequential

In the cycle of times

One life and its troubles are


Joe Pinto said...

Hi Kajal,

Celebrate life, Kajal.

Still too much cynicism and sorrow in your moanings.

One of the testimonies of the survivors from Pune, interviewed in the TOI, spoke about the daring of ordinary people like waiters, kitchen staff, etc, who rescued guests in the hotels.

The question the survivor asked in the interview was: these heroic people are also part of the system. Why do we not celebrate and honour them?

Warm regards,
- Joe.

Cilla said...

hmm thats true actually and sir let me tell you that we tried to get them on air...but their companies had specifically asked them not to speak to the TV cameras...3 of my colleagues tried for Taj and Oberoi but the staff refused to grant us an interview saying that they had been asked not to say a word

Cilla said...
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